The restaurant

Butterfly opened in Marlia (Lu) in December 1997: since then, Mariella and Fabrizio Girasoli have dedicated themselves to the guests and the restaurant's cuisine with love and passion. The name Butterfly is a tribute to Giacomo Puccini and his most famous work.
From its opening to today, the restaurant has evolved and has changed several times up to the elegant and refined environment you can see. The farmhouse that houses Butterfly has been renovated to ensure tranquility and privacy in a familiar and authentic context.
The main room, a winter garden decorated in a Tuscan style, overlooks and opens onto the park, an enchanted place to have lunch or dinner in the summer.
Since 2008, Butterfly has received a star from the Michelin Guide, which rewards the informal but attentive service, the cuisine's creativity, and the location's beauty.
Andrea Girasoli, son of Mariella and Fabrizio, works in the kitchen to recreate traditional dishes with local ingredients and revisited traditional recipes.

Dress code: semi-formal:

We kindly ask ladies not to wear beach clothes. Gentlemen are requested to wear long trousers.

The chef

Fabrizio Girasoli is different from the usual chef. He decided to work in the kitchen because of his passion and curiosity for food: he studies as an autodidact, attends courses, internships, travels, and tastes cuisines worldwide. Fabrizio is a cultured and sensitive person who brings his love for music, his territory, and his beauty to his dishes. In 1997 he opened  "Butterfly" a boutique restaurant in Lucca, a small Tuscan province where it is difficult to talk about change and creativity.
Fabrizio is sweet but determined, just like the dishes he cooks: the foods he presents result from a lot of research, technique, and selection of ingredients; at the same time, they are emotional, and creative, in a way, musical. In 2008 he received one star from the Michelin Guide.
Chef Fabrizio says that he aims to offer a "cuisine of memory" that wants to bring back souvenirs of the past through traditional tastes and creative recipes.

My philosophi

The philosophy of Butterfly and chef Fabrizio Girasoli is straightforward: is the "cuisine of your memory" with a contemporary and creative touch.
Lucca is a beautiful province rich in history and traditions. Initially, the challenge was overcoming the distrust of novelty and intrigue with local dishes and international cuisine dressed in fantasy.
Butterfly is a Michelin-starred family restaurant: Fabrizio and his son Andrea work in the kitchen, and his wife Mariella entertains Guests in the dining room. The team members are part of the family and the customers who feel at home when they visit the restaurant.
Today customers come from all over the world, thanks to the notoriety achieved with the Michelin star and word of mouth.

The menu

We offer a creative cuisine linked to the territory that portrays ancient flavors reinterpreted in surprising textures and forms. We want guests to have a culinary experience made of genuine, seasonal, authentic flavors.
On our table, you will find traditional dishes designed to amaze and excite: Butterfly's "cuisine of past memories" brings back to the origins of taste with an eye always aimed at the future.It's possible  ,to create vegetarian or vegan menu' freehand  ,using the ingredients of the main menu' .
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