The restaurant

The Butterfly Restaurant was founded in December 1997 thanks to our passion for cooking and the name was inspired by Giacomo Puccini tfrom one of his greatest operas that we love so much. Since that day the restaurant has seen many changes in terms of cuisine and ambience. In 2002 we decided to move to a bigger place which is the actual restaurant, located in Marlia, surrounded by 5000 sqm of typical Tuscan countryside; the inside looks like a typical house with small original rooms that allow guests to enjoy privacy. Recently we created a "Winter garden", attached to the main structure that offers a unique ambience with air conditioning. It also opens in summer to celebrate a special occasion to dine under the stars.
In 2008 we achieved the glorious 1 Michelin star, a great achievement that still honoures our passion.

The chef

My passion for cooking began in 1997 without any specific catering school, but with an incredible passion for food preparation and how to create dishes in the best possible way. After many courses and work experiences I started catering in a style completely different from other restaurants in Lucca focusing on something original that the Lucchesian people had never had before; new concepts, different ingredients, the enhancement of local products, always listening to our customers getting feedback.
The restaurant reflects the philosophy of Mariella, my wife and myself having feedback from selective local clients to people from all over the world. Because of this, we have the opportunity to collaborate with local and international business companies from China, Belarus and the Caribbean.

My philosophi

Definitely a very deep fusion of tradition and innovation, where flavour has the most important part of each dish. When I started working in the kitchen, I felt the pressure to be in Tuscany where everyone has high expectations from you; by the way my objectives has always been clear to impress clients with fantasy and originality. At the beginning most of the people were suspicious of this new concept but after a few years clients were happy to come back again to try something new, simple but authentic at the same time.

The menu

Local sourced ingredients and the collaboration with small local food companies are included in our menus in a creative style trying to mix the Lucchesian culture into a new concept of cuisine. We only offer seasonal products keeping freshness as primary objective. We are really enthusiastic in what we do and our final thought is that our passion for cooking has to be involved in your dining experience making sure of something special to be remembered.
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